As  member of the international editorial board for the magazine Topscape – Paysage Editor Milan – I photograph and write about landscape architecture and urban design projects. Other indipendent articles include strategies and spatial policies and projects related to cultural identity, heritage and rural landscapes. Any article implies interviews, site visit and research.    *** projects with my participation

Copenaghen Gianluca Tramutola landscape

The Opera Park, Copenhagen (DK) – About twenty years after the completion of the Royal Danish Opera in Copenhagen’s inner harbour, the new opera park has been designed on an island next to the iconic building, which had been left without a real function for a long time. A green oasis in the increasingly dense urban fabric of the Scandinavian capital, it is a real gem of landscape architecture. A careful design with a multifunctional use of land  has given shape to a park that surprises the visitor with its human scale of a new nature inspired by the Danish traditional romantic parks. The project was financed by the A.P. Møller Foundation – project by Dan Stubbergaard – Cobe architects Copenhagen – texts Gianluca Tramutola, Topscape 55 – March 2024 – Paysage Editore, Milan –  pag. 114-121

Treviso Giardino degli Angeli

Giardino degli Angeli, Treviso (Italy) –  Cemeteries are public spaces that are often neglected or perceived in a wrong way,  the article deals with the design of a new garden and burial ground  dedicated to children in the beautiful Monumental Cemetery of Treviso. The Project was commissioned by the Municipality of Treviso – Public works Department – to Contarina SPA cemetery service. The site is surrounded by symbolic trees: stone pine trees, rows of cypresses and a frame of Callery pears; a collection of deciduous magnolias and parallel filters of perennials and ornamental grasses contribute to give nature’s relief to such a meaningful place for the community – project: landscape design Gianluca Tramutola, architecture Marco Santinon and Glauco Chiarini – text Valentina De Longhi and Gianluca Tramutola, Topscape 53 – October 2023 – Paysage Editore, Milan –  pag. 188-192 *** 

Zuidpolder landscape park  (NL) – The transformation project of the Zuidpolder in South Holland involves one of the last strips of open agricultural landscape of the Municipality of Barendrecht, in the metropolitan region of Rotterdam, one of the most urbanized and developed areas in Europe. In the new design of the polder, the landscape structure consolidated over time offers new opportunities for the improvement of the water system and for the ecological conditions of the reclaimed landscape with the further inclusion of new recreational functions –  project by Arcadis landscape architects – text  G.Tramutola, Topscape 50 – January 2023 – Paysage Editore, Milan –  pag. 108-115

‘Paesaggi invisibili / Invisible landscapes’  – Oltre la Convenzione –  publication about the legacy of the European Landscape Convention after 20 years  – my contribution on session 7 as result of the the  presentation at the Congress about the legacy of the European Landscape Convention after 20 years – 4th-5th June 2020, organized by the University of Florence (Italy) and the Italian Society for Geographical Studies  ***

gianluca tramutola cimitero

The expansion of the Loenen war cemetery (NL) –  In the new clearings of a forest, the typical cultural traditions of the wood-cemetery are interpreted in a contemporary way. The functional requirements of the burial spatial configuration and those linked to the memorialization of the dear departed are resolved in new environments characterised by strong symbolic values, where the contemplation and the feeling of community with nature secretly dominate the scene –  project by Karres en Brands landscape architects – text  G.Tramutola, Topscape 49 – October 2022 – Paysage Editore, Milan –  pag. 148-153

green infrastructures Gianluca Tramutola

Ooijen-Wanssum development plan (NL) – Flooding caused by unproper landscape planning and management along rivers, worsened due to climate change is a major emergency worldwide. The Ooijen-Wanssum development plan in the Dutch Province Limburg, aims at protecting the area against high water through a combination of dike construction and river widening along the river Meuse. With a special integrated planning process, the ambition is to improve the spatial quality of the area, the livability of the villages creating new chances for economical development in a safe river landscape –  project by HNS landscape architects – text  G.Tramutola, Topscape 46 – January 2022 – Paysage Editore, Milan –  pag. 104-108

Piano dell` acqua Antwerpen

Water Plan Antwerp (Belgium) – The origin and historical development of the city of Antwerp, in Belgium, has always been linked to water. In the last decades the city has invested carefully in urban development policies, with spatial quality as the main driving force and goal. The Antwerp Waterplan aims at enhancing the presence of water as an identity carrier of the city, letting Antwerp develop towards a water sensitive city, in order to face the climate change challenges of the future –  Project by City of Antwerp and advising consortium texts by Samuel Van de Vijver, Lien Engels and  Gianluca Tramutola, Topscape 44 –  May 2021 – Paysage Editore, Milan  – pag. 128-133

paesaggio identita` Salento Xylella fastidiosa Gianluca Tramutola

Xylella fastidiosa and the crisis of the rural landscape in Apulia (Italy) – A critical point of view about the identity of the Apulian rural landscapes, the olive groves devastated by the bacterium Xylella fastidiosa and the uncertain scenarios of future landscape transformation – texts by Gianluca Tramutola, Topscape 44 –  May 2021 – Paysage Editore, Milan  – pag. 63-65 ***

depot rotterdam mvrdv gianluca tramutola landscape

Depot  Museum Boijmans van Beuningen – Rotterdam (NL) –   Rotterdam is a city that never ceases to amaze! The Depot of the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, a surprising and iconic new building designed by the architect Winy Maas (MVRDV), is the latest daring addition to the various museums and cultural institutions within the Museumpark. The landscape project around and on the roof of the Depot, designed by Frank Meijer of the MTD landscape architects studio, brings us back to one of our most recurring desires, that of living in contact with the nature of an “urban forest” –  Project by Frank Meijer MTD landscape architects and MVRDV architects – photographs and texts  by Gianluca Tramutola, Topscape 43 –  March 2021 – Paysage Editore, Milan  – pag. 142-147

floriade 2022 almere

Floriade 2022 – Almere  (NL) –   The seventh edition of Floriade Expo will take place in 2022 in the city of Almere, in the metropolitan area of Amsterdam. An edition with a very actual theme: the development of the green cities of the future. Protagonists of the visionary masterplan of the exhibition’s site are the designers of MVRDV, well known for being among the most creative interpreters of innovative projects, which always link architecture, urban planning and landscape architecture in an original way –  Project by  Winy Maas, MVRDV architects – photographs and texts  by Gianluca Tramutola, Topscape 41 –  September 2020 – Paysage Editore, Milan  – pag. 88-93

parco delle mura urbiche lecce

Parco delle mura urbiche – Lecce  (Italy) –   The article deals with the careful intervention of ‘landscape mending’ that has recomposed the so far disconnected architectural elements originated in over 2000 years of the strategic area around the northern area of the City Walls. The result is a park charachterized by a multilayerd stone landscape immersed in a fascinating green mosaic – Project by Patrizia Erroi – Comune di Lecce, Gianluca Tramutola (Landscaping), Andrea Ingrosso (lighting design) – photographs and texts  by Gianluca Tramutola and Patrizia Erroi, Topscape 35 – March 2019 – Paysage Editore, Milan  – pag. 92-97  ***

Viste nuove sul paesaggio – Zuiderzeezicht  (The Netherlands) –  Over the landscape transformations in the former Zuiderzee and the meaningful landscape identity and landscape perception aspects around the sea dykes. The article deals with the dynamics of land and water in some of the most transformed Dutch man-made polder landscapes – Project by MTD landscape architects – photographs and texts  by Gianluca Tramutola, Topscape 33 – September 2018 – Paysage Editore, Milan  – pag. 122-127

Il Giardino di Ogni Bene – Ex Convento degli Agostiniani Lecce (Italy) –   Over the new garden and open spaces around the 17th Century Augustinian Convent and Church in Lecce. The article deals with the design approach and vision about gardens and public spaces that lost their structure and identity after a long period of improper use and transformations  – project and text  by Gianluca Tramutola, Topscape 28 – July 2017 – Paysage Editore, Milan  – pag. 168-171  ***

Roeterseiland Campus – University of Amsterdam –  The new  design of the University Campus’ open space  reveals  a contemporary creative interpretation of a well established  urban space within walking distance from the historic canal ring area of the Dutch capital. A winding  path, just like a ribbon, acts as a real guiding and connective design element and ”lies on” the context as a new layer, generating new and so far unexplored opportunities for the use of the public and private spaces around the university buildings – project by Inside Outside – Petra Blaisse – text  by Gianluca Tramutola, Topscape 26 – January 2017 – Paysage Editore, Milan  -pag. 138-143  ***

Rural landscape – Pigs in space / Pig city (NL) –  High productive rural landscapes are increasingly subject to reprogramming strategies in order to regulate livestock productions towards more sustainable systems and a better landscape integration of considerable growing stables. The article deals with the tensions between high productivity, landscape quality and multifunctional agriculture in the Dutch landscape –  Pigs in Space is a research project by Van Paridon x de Groot landscape architects – Pig City is a research project by MVRDV Architects  – text  Gianluca Tramutola, Topscape 24 – June 2016 – Paysage Editore, Milan – pag. 114-119

Hortus botanicus Leiden (NL) – Historical garden restoration – Founded in 1590, the Hortus botanicus of Leiden is the oldest botanical garden in the Netherlands. A precious secluded green area within the old city centre, it is a site of historical relevance in which scientific research, conservation and study of botanical collections have always had a special meaning. With a new strategic intervention, on initiative of Prefect Paul Kessler, the oldest part of the Hortus, known as Clusius Garden, has recently been reconstructed according to the originary plan in its first location. The transformations in the garden style and use, that occurred in the last centuries, had made the garden disappear. The academic, local and international public can benefit once again of a site of considerable importance for the development of science and garden history  – texts  and photographs Gianluca Tramutola, Topscape 21 – October 2015 – Paysage Editore, Milan

‘Abitare il paesaggio’ / Living in the landscape (NL) –  Over the cultural landscapes in the Province Drenthe (NL) and new ways to build new houses in the transition interface between town and countryside and in rural contexts; project by LA 4 SALE landscape architects – texts  Marieke Timmermans and Gianluca Tramutola, Topscape 18 – January 2015 – Paysage Editore, Milan – pag. 114-119

Milano: La Biblioteca degli alberi (The library of trees park) –  A new multifunctional urban park acts as a real contemporary form of botanical garden in a public space open to the city in the urban transformation scenario of Milano Porta Nuova. The article reveals the design tools of the park within the complexity of the site –  project by Inside Outside – Petra Blaisse – text  Gianluca Tramutola, Topscape 16, June 2014 – Paysage Editore, Milan  – pag. 108-115   ***

Utrecht: Park Hoge Weide  –  Tilburg: de Heuvel square  – The role of nature in the Dutch urban contexts; projects by Buro Sant en co – text contribution Gianluca Tramutola, Topscape 14 – January 2014 – Paysage Editore, Milan –  pag. 86-90

Purmerend (NL): Koemarkt square (The cattle market) – The article is about the redevelopment of an urban space of historical relevance due to the change of destination use from cattle market to urban square for leisure and cultural activities. The square is once more a bustling public space, where the historical traces still play a major role for the charachter and  the identity of the city. Project by MTD landscape architects – text  Gianluca Tramutola, Topscape 12 – may 2013 – Paysage Editore, Milan – pag. 86-89  ***

Amsterdam: Masira roof gardens – Innovative multifunctional land use and landscaping  solutions in three residential blocks in Amsterdam Slotervaart. Since 2001 the borough Amsterdam New West, designed on the basis of the famous General Extension Plan (AUP – Algemeen Uitbreidingsplan) and garden city principles, has been subject to several urban renewal projects and transformations; project by Buro Sant en co – text  Gianluca Tramutola, Topscape 11 – april 2013 – Paysage Editore, Milan –  pag. 86-91

Rotterdam (NL): new green textures along the river Maas –   A new ambitious plan for a green  waterfront in Rotterdam next to the iconic Erasmus bridge and the spectacular skyline of Kop van Zuid. The article deals with the use of perennial herbaceous plants and ornamental grasses in public spaces by the famous landscape designer Piet Oudolf; project by dS+V Rotterdam Municipality – text and photos Gianluca Tramutola, Topscape 10 – november 2012 – Paysage Editore, Milan –  pag. 126-131

Amsterdam: Park Schinkeleilenden – A new multifunctional park built on three new artificial  islands along the waterways of the Schinkel Canal in the urban fringe of the Dutch capital; project by Buro Sant en Co – text and photographs Gianluca Tramutola, Topscape 9 – april 2012 – Paysage Editore, Milan  – pag. 78-83

Temporary landscapes: Sabbie di SLeM – A synthesis of landscape architecture, theater and filmmaking on the sands of Terschelling, one of the Dutch Wadden Sea islands, during the Oerol Festival; projects by SLeM – Bruno Doedens – text Gianluca Tramutola, Topscape 9 – april 2012 – Paysage Editore, Milan – pag. 132-135             

Urban Courtyard Gerenstein III in Amsterdam – Urban, social and landscape transformations in Amsterdam South-East; project by HNS landscape architects – text and photographs G.Tramutola, Topscape 8 – october 2011 – Paysage Editore, Milan –  pag. 82-85

Boschkens: between highway and woodland –  Innovative landscape architecture and urban planning strategies along a Dutch highway in order to integrate a new housing development in a fragmented landscape along an important road infrastructure; project by Buro Lubbers landscape architects – text GianlucaTramutola, Paysage Topscape 8 – october 2011 – Paysage Editore, Milan  – pag. 103

Polder and water defensive system: Geniepark of Amsterdam – Old a new values merge in a new park around a dike of the Unesco Heritage ‘Stelling van Amsterdam’ (Defence line of Amsterdam), an ingenious 135 km ring system of dikes, canals and forts integrated in the polder landscapes around the Dutch capital. The design of the park deals with the tensions between the historical values, the landscape fragmentation in the urban-rural fringe of Amsterdam and the economical preassures around booming Schiphol airport. Project by MTD landscape architects  – texts G.Tramutola, J.Tummers, F.Meijer, Architettura del Paesaggio 17 – december 2007 – Paysage Editore, Milan – pag. 58-63

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