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July 2023, Milan – first prize category “Brand landscape”  City’scape Award (Paysage Topscape) at Triennale di Milano for the project “Contarina in green” the landscape design for production sites – I am in the project team with Made Associati Treviso (Arch. Michela de Poli and Adriano Marangon), collaboration within the team of Contarina SPA with Gianluca Monego

March 2022 , Amsterdam – Academy of Architecture – Maker space – Teaching at workshop the ‘Enclosed Garden’ – students landscape architecture and urban design

gianluca tramutola amsterdam architecture

23rd – 25th February 2022, Milan – MyPlant&Garden Fiera Milano – Landscape Award  Exhibition  –  with the project ‘Parco delle Mura Urbiche’ in Lecce (Italy),  Gianluca Tramutola, Patrizia Erroi and Andrea Ingrosso, won the 1st prize City Brand Landscape Award 2019 at Milano Triennale in the City landscape category

19th November 2021, Treviso (Italy) – Alberi Evento – Ca’ dei Carraresi

My presentation at the international congress about planning and designing with trees in urban and landscape contexts – link

October 2021  Oltre la Convenzione

Online publication about the legacy of the European Landscape Convention after 20 years  – my contribution: ‘Paesaggi invisibili’ on session 7 

19th March 2021

Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Amsterdam (NL)  

Nuovi paesaggi? about landscape transformations


22nd January 2021 –  webinar about the ‘Future of the rural landscapes of Salento – Italy’  –  Organized by FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano, Delegazione FAI Lecce and FAI Puglia  link

Salento paesaggio Xylella

4th-5th June 2020, University of Florence (Italy) and Society for Geographical Studies – presentation at the Congress about the legacy of the European Landscape Convention after 20 years    link  

european landscape convention convenzione europea del paesaggio

Luce e design magazine – Il Parco delle Mura Urbiche

An article on the lighting design system (Studio Andrea Ingrosso) and the design of the park – Photos copyright and courtesy Bruno Barillari – link

Parco Mura Urbiche Lecce

April 2020 – Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Activities and Tourism – MiBACT  Digital evasions  – Coastline of Apulia – Italy –  Landscapes heal:  two of my photographies selected for a video about coastal landscapes of Region Puglia (Italy) done during the first period of lock down due to the covid 19 pandemy.   #EVASIONIDIGITALI #PUGLIA Linee di costa  link

costa melendugno turismo puglia mare

21 November – National Park Zuid Kennemerland (NL)  landscape excursion with the students of landscape architecture and urbanism of AHK Amsterdam

dutch landscape paesaggio olandese

30 October 2019TU Delft (NL)  –  “Outdoor spaces of significance”            Opening of the Exhibition “Outdoor spaces of significance”, organized by NVTL (Dutch Association for Garden and Landscape Architecture). Green heritage projects are exhibited in which the garden and landscape architects, all members of the association, have sought a balance between contemporary design and respect for the historical context. Il Giardino di Ogni Bene in Lecce (Italy), is also exhibited here. Where: Oostserre  – Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment TU Delft  – October 30th until 4th November 2019.

exhibition delft gianluca tramutola

20 june 2019 – Triennale Milano – The Municipality of Lecce (Italy) wins the first price in the category ‘Landscape requalification of urban space’ at The “City brand & tourism landscape award 2019” for the Park of the City Walls in Lecce. The international prize is organized by Paysage and promoted by the Italian National Council of Architects, Urban Planners and Landscape Architects in collaboration with Milan Design Triennale – Arch. Patrizia Erroi (Comune di Lecce), Gianluca Tramutola (landscape design and plant consultant) and Andrea Ingrosso (lighting design) received the prize from the Jury.  video

6 June 2019 – Almere (NL) – excursion visiting the site of Floriade 2022 in Almere with the urban planners and landscape architects of the sustainability group of  BNSP-NVTL

22 December 2018 – Parco delle Mura Urbiche (Park of The City’s Walls and Giaconia Palace’s garden) opening in Lecce (Italy) – After five years the park and the garden are ready! On a mild winter night a big crowd participated to the opening of the park and  the garden with a speech of the mayor of the town.  link

19 November 2018 – Lecce (Italy) – The Green Mosaic in the Mediterranean City,  International landscape architecture seminar in Lecce’s  Theater Apollo

Among several projects, Gianluca Tramutola presents Il Giardino di Ogni Bene and the green and landscape design approach of the City Walls Park and Giardino di Palazzo Giaconia in Lecce  – link

paesaggio puglia lecce topscape

22 June 2018 – Triennale di Milano  – City Brand & Tourism – Landscape Award 2018

Gianluca Tramutola receives the first prize with the project Il Giardino di Ogni Bene – ex Convento Agostiniani in Lecce (Comune di Lecce – Italy) in the category ”Landscape requalification of urban space section B” . The international prize is organized by Paysage Topscape and promoted by the Italian National Council of Architects, Urban Planners and Landscape Architects in collaboration with Milan Design Triennale.    link   link2

21 april 2018 – Primavera! Spring colours at Il Giardino d`Ogni Bene in Lecce – The Italian Association of Landscape Architects (AIAPP) visits the garden with a day dedicated to the landscape architect profession, Gianluca Tramutola guides the guests through the garden…

aiapp architettura del paesaggio leccefoto © Claudia De Blasi

september 2017 – Amsterdam port – workshop on landscape identity and perception

How do students perceive the landscapes between Amsterdam port area and the locks of IJmuiden on the North Sea? Is Amsterdam still perceived as a port city? – excursion on landscape identity with the students of the minor in Urbanism and Landscape Architecture of AHK

25 may 2017 – The XVII century Augustinian Convent (ex Convento degli Agostiniani) and church Santa Maria di Ogni Bene with the surrounding ‘Il Giardino di Ogni Bene’ in Lecce (Italy) is finally opened! 


October 2016 Groningen (NL) –  My lecture about Italian cultural landscapes at the University of Groningen –  Master in Landscape history – Landscapes of Europe

september 2016 – I am selected among the tutors for the Artist-in-residence programs ‘Serre delle arti Territori di Pietra’ in the stone quarry landscapes around Cursi (Italy). Several international artists are called to study and express their creativity in the astonishing landscapes generated by the stone extraction with all their conflictual aspects between economical use and critical environmental issues.

il dominio della pietra cave di pietra melpignano

 9 june 2016 –  my lecture at the conference ‘Urban Forestry and Green Infrastructure PISA 3.0 Green Masterplan’ about the Amsterdam Forest  (Amsterdamse bos –  Amsterdam Municipality) and the Park Biblioteca degli alberi in Milan (Inside Outside Petra Blaisse – Comune di Milano) – Arsenali Pisa (Italy)

paesaggi invisibili   invisible landscapes   onzichtbare landschappen

Exhibition at Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Amsterdam NL

A photographic narrative itinerary through what we (do not) see

By Gianluca Tramutola

October 2015 – New article about the Hortus Botanicus Leiden and the reconstruction of the ‘Clusius Garden’ – Paysage Topscape 21

Lecturing about landscape identity and perception at a course organized by ARPTRA with the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences of the University of Bari  (Italy) –  link

September 2015  –  Lecture about Italian cultural landscapes at University of Groningen  –  course Landscapes of Europe

January 2015 – new article on Paysage Topscape 18  –  “Abitare il paesaggio”  over the identity of Dutch rural landscapes (project by la4sale landscape architects) and   strategies for contemporary ways of building in the  landscape. 

November 2014 – my photograph ‘Water landscapes: rural fascination of the polders in North Holland’ selected among the 10 selected of the ‘Rural Landscape in Europe’ Photography competition at the XI CEDIA European Conference in Bruxelles.

June 2014 – new article on Paysage Topscape 16, Editor Paysage – La Biblioteca degli alberi a new park in Milan (Giardini di Porta Nuova)  – design Inside Outside Petra Blaisse  – text Gianluca Tramutola.

18th-19th  April 2013 Torino – DNA ITALIA 2013 Lingotto fiere Torino – conference Aiapp (Italian Association of Landscape Architecture) my speech in the landscape section of Rete dei Caselli (Arch. Claudia Valentini): ‘Reuse and landscape transformations along Ferrovie Sud Est’ – a vision on landscape perception and railways  infrastructure .

march 2013 Bari – Partecipation with  Rete dei Caselli as follow up of the workshop at the  conference organized by  WWF Italy and the Region Puglia: DISMISSIONE E RIUSO IN PUGLIA, PROBLEMI, BUONE PRATICHE E BUONE IDEE about the reuse in architecture and landscape – a vision on landscape perception.

8 november 2012 attending the lectures and workhops on “Climate Policy and Sustainable Development” at the year Congress BNSP/NVTL in Utrecht organized by the Dutch Associations of urban planners and landscape architects.

October 2012 Zollino Station – Gianluca Tramutola participates to the workshop “Riqualificazione e tecniche di costruzione locale” with a vision on the landscape along the railway network of FSE (Ferrovie del Sud Est) in Salento – Italy.

 Landscape and infrastructures: perception, design and perspectives

The association Rete dei Caselli is working on the strategies for the reuse of not functional abandoned buildings along the network, that can also play a role in the development, preservation and management of the rural and urban landscapes.

September 2012 – With Andrea Piccaluga, Domenico Damia, Francesca Cavallo ed Anna De Grassi member of the jury of  Start Cup Puglia 2012 on request of ARTI Puglia (Regional Agency for Technology and Innovation). Link

Gianluca Tramutola participates with Streetscape to the Open Urban Lab “Scusi per Via Leuca?”, a bottom-up participatory planning approach program of urban regeneration in Lecce (Italy). Streetscape is a research on the image, identity and design of streets in the urban form of European cities.

Paesaggi di Pietra (Landscapes of stone) a lecture and photographic itinerary over the cultural landscapes of Apulia, presentation by Gianluca Tramutola at Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Amsterdam.

Nociglia (Italy) at Open Urban Lab Superpaduli (Parco dei Paduli) Gianluca with Minke Mulder, both representing MTD landscape architects,  gives a presentation about the ‘Strategies of development and transformation in the Dutch landscapes’

Gianluca Tramutola participates with the project team Water Signs (Segni d`Acqua) to the Open Urban Lab Superpaduli, a bottom-up participatory planning approach experience, pilot project of Regione Puglia for a multifunctional agriculture park (Parco dei Paduli) in an olive grove area of 5500 ha in the heel of Italy. Water Signs studies the guidelines for the reassessment of the  water system of the landscape. The Park is currently the Italian candidate for the Landscape Award of the Council of Europe 2015.

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