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Gianluca Tramutola – landscape design

Gianluca Tramutola presents his vision and practice on landscape design and study as a synthesis between a keen analysis of the cultural identities and historical signs in landscapes and cities and a thorough critical understanding of their evolution processes and transformations through time…

gianluca tramutola agronomo paesaggistaexperience – Gianluca Tramutola, Italy 1974, specialised in Landscape Design with a Master at the University of Milan (2002), after graduating cum laude at the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry of the University of Bari and a study period at the University of London.  For his graduation project in landscape design he worked on the restoration plan of an Italian historical park, which later influenced his interest in landscape history, identity and perception as solid ground to work on contemporary challenges.

After several international experiences with landscape architects and urban designers studios, he currently continues his activities operating in several landscape related disciplines from different perspectives, exploring the interface between the cultural and natural worlds with eyes open on transformations and society.

He has been member of several Italian landscape commissions and of the Environmental Impact Assessment Committee of Apulia Region in Italy, evaluating new large scale landscape related projects and infrastructures. He writes, as external member of the international editorial board, for the  landscape architecture & urban design magazine Paysage Topscape and he is involved as guest teacher and member of master graduation committees for landscape architecture students at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture (Amsterdam University of the Arts) and  Groningen University.

With the project ‘Il Giardino di Ogni Bene’ in the former Augustinian Convent in Lecce (Italy)  he received at ‘Triennale di Milano’ the first price City Brand & Tourism – Landscape Award 2018  – The international prize is organized by Paysage and promoted by the ‘Italian National Council of Architects, Urban Planners and Landscape Architects’ in collaboration with Milan Triennale.  He received the same prize in 2019 for the project “Park of the Old Town Walls” in Lecce together with the project team of Comune di Lecce.

He is member of the Dutch Association of landscape architects.


NVTL Dutch Association for garden and landscape architecture  NL

Ordine Dottori Agronomi e Forestali Provincia di Treviso – Italy

public space and nature  The multifunctional use of “space”, the role of nature in people’s well-being and an approach to sustainability seen as an environmental, economical and social concept are strong starting points in the design process. Green, nature, biodiversity are too often used as synonyms or just as general keywords in policies and on politicians’ agendas. The challenge is to combine the design and use of space with strategies that please the eyes, the soul and enhance the livability and the thorough ecological conditions of “places”. Landscape design projects and strategies are able to  heal many urgent urban and landscape related issues and dilemmas.

people   Experiencing how people live, perceive their living environment and move in the urban spaces and landscapes is a crucial step for the development of ideas, visions and long term successful solutions. This is a dynamic cultural experience that goes beyond any design theory and trend. Well designed public space starts with the recognition of its actual and future potential users…solving conflicts and unveiling hidden potentialities…

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