Practices and services in which I work and collaborate with architects, urban planners, engineers, designers, municipalities, developers, cultural institutions etc. in a cross-disciplinary teamwork mentality and method in urban, rural and more natural landscape contexts in different design scales:

 •  projects of public spaces, parks, gardens, botanical gardens, agricultural parks

 •  survey, research and design for the restoration of historical parks and gardens

 •  research, analysis and vision on public space and landscapes

 •  planting design and planting schemes

 strategies of urban arboriculture and forestry, agronomic consultancy

arboricoltura urbana gianluca tramutola

• nature restoration, strategies for landscape preservation and ecological networks, landscape and urban planning

 • collaboration for programs and plans of revitalization of residential areas

 • collaboration for landscape and visual impact assessments and plans

 • landscaping of new infrastructures, production and residential areas

• evaluation of projects and plans (member of  landscape commissions) 

• guest critic, lecturer and member of students’ commissions and workshops at university level

• landscape photography and strategies for landscape tourism

 • guide for landscape architecture itineraries

 • any unconventional research theme and strategy  related to urban/rural landscapes and their relationships  between society and cultures,  as well as the relationship between the built environment and people’s quality of life

 • team and jury member in design competitions

• urban furniture design

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