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Park of the Old Town Walls, Lecce (Italy) – As result of the excavation of the old original moat, a new park will be a further contribution to the green structure around the 16th century walls, as part of a larger urban regeneration taking place at the northern entrance of the city. The park will be connected by a bridge to the 16th century terraced Garden of Palazzo Giaconia (within the walls) whose stratified charachter will be restored with exotic and typical mediterranean vegetation and the further introduction of a contemporary layer in the garden: a sensory garden. The visibility of the town walls and that of the city’s skyline, plays an important role in the careful and sober design of the park. It will be a multifunctional public open space dedicated to leisure and cultural activities. Project in collaboration with the Municipality of Lecce (Comune di Lecce- Lavori Pubblici) .

october 2017 – the design of the park has been updated according to the most recent archaeological excavations that have revealed the presence of a Roman road and a second medieval moat  –  the park is currently under construction

january 2018 – the area facing the bastions is now open to the public, the construction of the rest of the park goes on…

april 2018 – update work in progress – The Garden of Palazzo Giaconia takes shape after the reconstruction with new citrus trees, cypresses and date palms…

17th Century Augustinian Convent and Church – Open spaces and gardens, Lecce (Italy) – ex Convento degli Agostiniani,  Il Giardino di Ogni Bene – After a long period of restoration the monastery and the Church are again part of the cultural heritage of the town, the gardens and open spaces were totaly destroyed with no real traces of the former stratifications.  The project entails the (re)introduction of several productive gardens and new squares based on the fragmentary information found on old documents during the historical archive research phase and the  further archeological excavations. The introduction of new collections of plants with the use of several varieties and cultivars of fruit trees enrich the botanical value of the garden, historically known as “Giardino di Ogni Bene” (Garden of all goods). Specially SAP designed custom made corten steel urban furniture add a new contemporary layer in a place of relevant cultural and historical value – The gardens and squares will be part of the city’s public spaces, the beautiful Convent and Church  will be  used for cultural activities – Project selected and rewarded with the funds of the “National Plan for the City” of the Italian Government in collaboration with the Municipality of Lecce (Comune di Lecce – Lavori Pubblici)  – completed

* first price  – Milano Triennale – City Brand & Tourism – Landscape Award 2018  

bird’s- eye view – “National Plan for the City” phase

The Library of Trees Park (Parco La biblioteca degli alberi), Milan (Italy) – A new multifunctional public park in the urban transformation area of ​​Porta Nuova in central Milan. The park acts as a new contemporary form of botanical garden with the use of three design tools: the web of linear paths, the “circular forests” and the irregular fields. Together they make up a living mosaic of collections of plants and trees with several leisure and cultural functions – masterplan design and definitive research on trees, collaboration for the project by Inside Outside Petra Blaisse – completed

Private garden, Berlicum (The Netherlands) – A garden around a former farmhouse in the countryside of the Dutch Province Brabant. The garden is specially designed in order to connect the private space around the building with the beautiful open landscape around the farm with the introduction of a system of formal hedges, rows and clumps of fruit trees. A further contribution is the design of an herbaceous perennial border and that of a custom made steel and wood bench around the swimming pool – Design for MTD Landscape Architects – built

Courtyards and gardens, Mierlo (The Netherlands) – Several courtyards with private and public use around a new development for elderly people. The careful design of the structure of the courtyards with winding and easily recognizable paths is thought for the use by old people with diversified levels of autonomy. The introduction of special planting schemes is meant to create a real healing garden – Design for MTD landscape architects – built

Metal tree grate – Koemarkt square, Purmerend (The Netherlands) – Due to a necessary urban destination change, the old historic livestock market (literally the cows’ market) in the old city center, finds a new identity as a square for cultural and leisure activities. The tree grate design around the elm trees remind the presence of the cows that were sold for centuries in the market, being one of the most important commercial hub in North Holland – Design for MTD landscape architects – built

Swamp park Tilburg (The Netherlands) – a linear park with various water retention and infiltration areas solve the functional need to convey into the ground the water run off resulting from the impermeable surfaces of the buildings and roads of a new residential district. The theme of the park finds its inspiration from the existing fragments of marshy and reclaimed landscapes around the site. Custom made urban furniture and bridges will be related to the theme of water in order to reinforce the identity of the park – Design for MTD landscape architects

Poincare roof gardens, Paris (France) – Several roof gardens on three floors in a rather modern building in the city center of Paris are designed with the clear intention to extend and connect the interior more intimate space of the house with the open terraces surrounded by the amazing Paris skyline – Design for Inside Outside Petra Blaisse

paesaggi invisibili   I   invisible landscapes   I   onzichtbare landschappen

A photographic narrative itinerary and lectures through what we (do not) see.

Exhibition by Gianluca Tramutola –  Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Amsterdam   link

Countryside estate, Salento (Italy) – Masterplan, landscape plan and garden design around a farmhouse of the 16th century in the countryside of Salento. Inspired by the historical layout of the parceling of the fields, the plan creates a hierarchy among olive groves, vineyards, orchards, and new possible building sites. A secret garden in a walled secluded citrus grove gives space for a contemporary layer in this place of great historical value – in progress

Paesaggi di Pietra (Stone Landscapes), Amsterdam – A public presentation of a photographic narrative itinerary about the cultural landscape of Apulia (Italy). The theme of the stone in the karst landscape of Apulia is the starting point to discover the cultural landscapes of the region and the importance of the stone in her heritage, economy and scenic beauty – Topics: landscape perception and identity – Presentation and photography by Gianluca Tramutola at the Italian Institute of Culture in Amsterdam

Water signs (Segni d’acqua), Paduli Park (Italy) – Research and guidelines for the water system of the agricultural park. An innovative bottom-up participatory pilot project process within the landscape plan of the Apulia Region for a multifunctional agriculture park in an olive grove area of ​​5500 hectares in the heel of Italy. Water Signs studies the guidelines for a possible reconstruction and improvement of the water system in the endorheic basins of the karst landscape. The park was the Italian candidate for the Landscape Award of the Council of Europe in 2015 – link

Nociglia (Italy) at Open Urban Laboratory Superpaduli 2009 (Park Paduli) Gianluca Tramutola and Minke Mulder of MTD landscape architects gave their contribution with the presentation about the “Development strategies and transformations of Dutch landscapes’

Botanical gardens masterplan, Cerignola (Italy) – Based on the local spatial identity and the agricultural traditions of the site, this contemporary interpretation of a Botanical Garden is organized with several collections of Mediterranean plants, productive and ornamental gardens – Design for the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Foggia – collaboration for the design of the info point: Architects Studio Metamor

Streetscape, Lecce (Italy) – The design and the image of the streets in European cities, research and guidelines – Public presentation during the preliminary phase of the bottom up participation process “LUA via Leuca in Lecce” for a regeneration project of an important road infrastructure of the city and its surroundings district. The research provides aspects regarding street design, the use of public space and cultural identity.

‘Transformations and landscape reuse along the South Eastern Railway (Ferrovie Sud Est), Zollino (Italy) – Research, vision and workshop on landscape perception along rail and road infrastructures. The focus is on the transformations and fragmentation of the landscape along the network of South Eastern Railway in the heel of Italy, that has the peculiarity of connecting the stations that were/are significant for the shipping of agricultural products – The landscape vision is linked to the reuse strategies of no longer functional station buildings along the network led by Association Rete dei Caselli Sud Est – Presentation for Rete dei Caselli Sud Est

Reclamation of a former sand quarry, Bazzano (Italy) – An arboretum in a formal arrangement is organized in regular rectangular plots with several autochthonous species of trees. The design solution aims to solve the water drainage problems and at the same time it marks a distinct image in the park where more natural landscape style lines dominate – Design collaboration for Studio Silva – built

Urban Forestry project, Mirandola (Italy) – the design of new forest parcels  have the aim of integrating the ambitious masterplan of the new green belt around the city center of Mirandola – Design collaboration with Studio Silva – Rita Bega

Landscaping of a new road infrastructure, Forli (Italy) – A perception analysis and landscaping for a new road infrastructure in highly fragmented urban and rural landscapes. Landscape Design and planting schemes – Design collaboration for Studio Silva

Servizi di scaricare in inglese – Gianluca Tramutola – SAPScaricare Ambiti di Intervento in italiano – Gianluca Tramutola – SAP

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